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Digital Social Care


To showcase emerging success stories of digital innovations in social care. To raise awareness of different digital tools that are available to social care providers and how they can be applied.



I identified a selection of success stories in collaboration with the organisation and then interviewed the key individuals for each of those stories. These were then written up in an engaging and interesting style, using direct quotes, statistics and information. I then regularly uploaded them to the organisation’s WordPress website and wrote tweets for their Twitter page.


Increased hits to the website with engaging and innovative content. 


Innovative plasters 

Facial analysis technology to identify pain

Dementia village 

Engaging writing

"I can't recommend working with Elspeth enough. She has great copywriting skills and the ability to tell a truly engaging story. Elspeth has the ability to make sure the tone of her writing matches the type of article required - whether an interview, news story or case study. Very prompt worker and proactive in looking for potential stories and making recommendations for articles."

Katie Thorne

Project Lead

Digital Social Care

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