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Asylum Matters


The charity had survey data from over 300 people currently seeking asylum in the UK. It was a large spreadsheet of both quantitative figures and qualitative quotes. It needed to be interpreted and then worked into a report that would clearly show the impact of asylum support on peoples’ lives.



I worked with the Asylum Matters team to interpret the data and find the main narratives within the survey. From there, I wrote a campaign report that highlighted how people seeking asylum faced a continuous struggle to meet their most fundamental needs.

With robust data alongside direct quotes from people, the report provided a moving account of the current situation of people in the asylum system.

As well as the report, I wrote a page for the charity’s website to introduce the report, a set of social media posts, a press release and a toolkit for partners.


A moving campaign report to motivate people to support the charity and its campaigns.


Surviving Poverty: A report documenting life on asylum support

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