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Refugee Action


To launch and publicise a campaign designed to raise awareness and motivate change around giving people who are seeking asylum in the UK the right to work.



I devised a media strategy for a coalition campaign of over 100 organisations called ‘Lift the Ban’. The campaign used research to show the true facts and figures around the challenging topic of people seeking asylum and the economics around them being able to work.

The charity wanted to break the issue into media outlets which they’d traditionally found difficult to reach. Through writing and implementing a media strategy,  I took a complex subject and used strong writing skills to communicate the story to journalists.



All targets were achieved including coverage in The Financial Times, The Economist, The Times, The Telegraph, The Guardian and Sky News.

Media expertise

"We brought Elspeth in to lead the launch of a big, national coalition (of over 100 members) campaign with less than 2 months lead-in time. Elspeth was able to develop and deliver a media and PR strategy that achieved all of our targets, including breaking into media outlets we traditionally find very hard to engage in our issues."

Mariam Kemple Hardy

Head of Campaigns

Refugee Action

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